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Founded in 1984, Ataforma has been providing intelligent solutions for small, medium size and large companies all round the world.
As a reesult of massive investments in automation, Ataforma is able to offer products according to the most rigorous international quality standards, with competitive prices.
Ataforma products are made in a special stainless steel by means of the top-to-bottom welding process, resulting in perfectly flat surfaces that eliminate the risk of contamination by stain or by accumulation of residues.
These are some of the most outstanding features of Ataforma products:
-Molds rigorously tested by means of compressed air (body and cavities, put together by the plasma arch process) built in 0.5mm alloy AISI 304L stainless steel, providing a light handling and a fast freezing.
-Cavities of the mold body joined through the plasma arch process.
-Cavities lock fixed through the process of projection welding.
Ataforma has everything you need!
Ataforma, a show of quality within your reach!

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